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Website http://foundercollective.com
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Location San Francisco
Country USA
Bio FTVentures invests growth capital in business services and software companies offering meaningful solutions to the global financial services industry. We partner with talented management teams, providing growth capital to finance organic expansion, recapitalizations, build-ups and buyouts, and contributing our industry expertise and professional network to help build successful companies. We invest in companies that will benefit from our highly differentiated value proposition featuring our Global Partner Network. FTVentures' unmatched Global Partner Network includes many of the world's leading financial institutions (including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, US Bancorp, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Liberty Mutual and many more) who are also strategic limited partners. We work actively with our portfolio companies to drive meaningful business traction across the Global Partner Network, and we have a successful track record of helping our portfolio companies build increased market momentum. We invest primarily in business services and software companies that target the global financial services industry, where we have proven experience and an enduring network of partners. A majority of our portfolio companies also focus beyond the financial services industry to serve other large vertical markets with delivery of innovative, best-in-class offerings. By leveraging our industry experience and close contacts at many of the world's largest financial institutions, we help talented management teams gain greater insight into the marketplace, and more quickly and effectively build sales traction within the financial services vertical. As a result, FTVentures is well-positioned to partner with strong entrepreneurs in building successful companies and generating attractive returns for management and investors. FTVentures actively participates at the board level of our portfolio companies, establishing strong working relationships with portfolio company management, but leaving day-to-day operations to the management team. When selecting board members, we purposefully match the appropriate expertise and experience of our Partners, Principals and Senior Advisors with the specific needs of each portfolio company. The extensive financial services, technology and business services industry experience of the professionals in our firm enables our board members to contribute in significant ways to the development and implementation of strategic direction and operational support. We have a proven track record in helping to recruit and retain high caliber management throughout the life of our investments by tapping into our extended industry network. Board members are able to leverage the investment and business development teams as well as other FTVentures professionals for corporate development, legal, accounting, marketing and technology advice. Our proactive portfolio company business development program is highly differentiated and has a proven track record for helping build commercial relationships within the financial services industry. FTVentures works actively with portfolio companies, assisting them in targeting specific sales opportunities at the financial institutions that make up our Global Partner Network as well as throughout our broader industry network. Spearheaded by our dedicated business development team, we work systematically to identify and introduce portfolio companies to key business, IT, and operating executives within our Global Partner Network as potential customers.
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