Labadens Private Equity

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Location Paris - La Défense
Country France
Bio The mission of Labadens is to reduce the poverty and to contribute to the overall well being of small and medium sized businesses that are inhibited by the constraints of lack of means. By conveying private investments in emerging and developing countries, Labadens creates the opportunity for expansion and sustainable development. Its unique strategy is adapted to the specific level of development of each particular country, and focuses mainly on the productive sector of SMEs (agribusiness, industry and manufacturing...). Labadens invests in not only the geographical areas which cover the large emerging countries of today, but also concentrates on the poorest countries, particularly in the sector of Social and Environmental Responsibility in Africa. Labadens proposes a complete range of services enabling an easy adaptation to the specific SME needs in the developing countries (loans, private equity, technology transfer and management training).
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