Montreal Start Up

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Twitter @SWMontreal
Location Montreal
Country Canada
Bio We are looking for very early stage concepts and ideas. The ideal scenario would be one in which a small team, which includes at least one developer, is looking for financial and strategic input to help flesh out an idea. We’d like to think that this could be done in two to four months with between $25K and $50K. This small amount of cash, combined with a lot of time and support to help refine the idea and position the business for growth – make up what we like to call FounderFuel. The goal of the FounderFuel investment program is to help passionate entrepreneurs rapidly turn an idea into a beta service that might then become the basis for a successful business. Once the beta launches, we would look to invest additional capital as the team continues development, gains users and prepares for a larger capital raise. We think that $200K to $500K would be the right investment amount at that stage.
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