Riveria Investment Group

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Website http://cruisetourtravel.com/the_blue_walk
Twitter @thebluewalk
Location New York
Country United States
Bio Riveria Investment Group, based in New York City, is a private equity firm that acquires and invests in small to middle-market companies based in the United States. The group has a primary focus on growing companies with a history of positive operating cash-flows. Riveria predominantly looks for expansion-stage opportunities, with a secondary focus on leveraged buyout opportunities, and does not typically make venture or early-stage investments. The firm seeks transactions that present unique investment opportunities in industries experiencing significant growth. Riveria actively engages in the operations of portfolio companies by collaborating with management and implementing world-class operating partners to grow its investments. By targeting smaller, less followed companies that are in need of expansion capital, Riveria operates in a market segment that is generally overlooked by traditional private equity funds. Riveria's private equity efforts emphasize growth and value-added strategies to generate strong returns. The firm's industry investment theses are developed after thorough fundamental analysis and consulting with industry experts. Riveria is a generalist firm with particular expertise in sectors such as education, consumer products, manufacturing / industrials, media / entertainment and healthcare / technology.
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