SEED Capital Denmark

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Twitter @seed_capital
Location Lyngby
Country Denmark
Bio SEED Capital is the largest early stage venture fund in Denmark. We invest in companies within IT, Cleantech and Life Science at the seed or even pre-seed stage from Denmark and southern Sweden. We invest in classic venture companies meaning companies that as a minimum will provide an opportunity for a 10x return on investment. The company should have a highly innovative solution and a scalable business model for entering an attractive market with a number of identified paths to exit. Because of our strong partnership with the government funded innovation incubator DTU Symbion Innovation we are able to invest € 250-750.000 at the early stages of a company’s development, allowing them an opportunity to prove their technology and business. Depending on capital need, SEED Capital can invest up to € 9 million in the following rounds – preferably in syndication with international investors. We take an active advisory role as an investor and will normally take the position of Chairman of the Board in the company until a skilled alternative is identified.
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