Solid Ventures

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Twitter @SparkVentures
Location Amsterdam
Country Netherlands
Bio Solid Ventures, building great businesses together. Solid Ventures invests in young, innovative and fast growing companies in the Netherlands. The segments we target are Internet, Telecoms, Software and Digital Media. We share a vision that great technology companies can be built in the Netherlands. With the right support these companies can realize their potential nationally and internationally. Solid Ventures combines more than 200 years of entrepreneurial and venture capital experience in just one team. We will actively support our companies with activities like lead generation, strategic partnerships, recruitment and international expansion. Our trackrecord is built on many successful investments, like: Scarlet and Versatel (Euronext:VRSA), Oxxio (LSE:CNA), ITMasters (NYSE:BMC), DataCenterTechnologies (NASDAQ: SYMC), Dedigate (AMEX:TWW). Solid Ventures is funded by a group of informal investors, that all have been successful in founding and running private and public companies or managing venture capital funds in the ICT and New Media industries, and by TechnoPartner.
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