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Location Atlanta
Country USA
Bio Our partners are all former technology entrepreneurs. We believe that technology companies in the early stage can scale faster and avoid common pitfalls if given significant expert help and guidance. Therefore, we expect to roll up our sleeves and work, in partnership with the entrepreneur to achieve the plan objectives. Our ideal company will typically have developed and launched its first product or service and have more than $1 million of sales in its target market. We are usually the first institutional investor and active board members. We target equity investments up to $4 million. For larger capital needs, we will co-invest with other venture funds. We invest in early-stage private U.S. information technology companies that: • Serve large dynamic business markets • Focus on innovative solutions in software, internet services, cloud computing, security, infrastructure, mobile computing • Have a product that has been developed based upon a significant customer need with a clear value proposition • Have recurring revenue/subscription models, and • Value our experience and willingness to apply it
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