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Location Ann Arbor
Country USA
Bio Through its creation of and investment in Small Tech companies, Ardesta, LLC has become a leader in bringing Small Technology products to the global marketplace. Ardesta's "Small Tech" market focus encompasses such fast growing and disruptive fields as nanotechnology, microelectromechanical systems ("MEMS") and microsystems. These revolutionary technologies improve existing products and enable the creation of new products by making them smaller, smarter, more energy efficient and less expensive to manufacture and operate. While often smaller than can be seen by the human eye, Small Tech devices sense, think, communicate and cause action -- changing how we how we interact with the environment, how we treat and prevent illnesses and how we communicate. Small Technologies have already made their way into many of the products used today, such as heart pacemakers, inkjet print heads, automobile airbags, digital projectors, pressure sensors, GPS systems and hearing aids, and will enter into countless new products in the coming years.
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